Wenzhou Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhongke was established in 2002. It is the first leading enterprise in China to independently develop and create a series of automatic rigid box making machines. Adhering to the customer's needs as the core, they are committed to providing latest technology based high-quality rigid box production solutions, which will boost the development of the packaging industry.

Wenzhou Yongshun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yongshun, founded in 1997, specializes in the production of automatic high speed dry lamination machine & glazing /UV machine. One of the most stable machines in the market, it’s lowest power consumption due to the unique electromagnetic thermic fluid heating mechanism, makes it the most preferred lamination machine.

Tokyo Wenhong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Wenhong, is one of the Top manufacturers for carton converting equipment offering.


Automatic die cutter, automatic flute laminator,  folder gluer, and window patching machine. With over 25 year experience provides, one stop solution for carton converting industry

Zhejiang Horda Machinery Co., INC

Horda previous known as Keqiang was founded in 2007. Company specializes in multi utility case makers for production of lever arch files, diaries, calendars, book style boxes, cigarette case production line, and cell phone box production line. These machines enhance the product quality and also improve the production efficiency greatly. Their latest innovation is collapsible box making machine with its 5 board patent construction style.

Wenzhou Koro Machinery Co., Ltd.

Koro, specializes in manufacturing of all kinds of medium-to-high-end handbag bag making machines, and rely on advanced & unique technologies to meet the diverse needs of users, to provide a variety of high quality products.

Zhejiang Saili Machinery Co., Ltd.

Saili, founded in 1996, is the most professional manufacturer of cardboard grooving machine. Company specializes in cardboard/mdf grooving machines, cardboard slitting machine, corner cutter and paper grooving machines.
With exceptional quality & speed, their machines are preferred world wide for box production.